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Attorneys who have been suspended from the practice of law for a "term certain"period between six months and two years must meet certain requirements, such as maintaining CLE (Continuing Legal Education) hours and following the terms of the Suspension Order, before the suspended attorney may file an Application for Reinstatement with the Court.  If all of the requirements are met, the suspended attorney may be reinstated to the practice of law without a hearing, and ordinarily within a few weeks.


Attorneys who have been suspended from the practice of law for an indefinite period must file a Petition for Reinstatement with the Court.  Under no circumstance may an attorney who has been indefinitely suspended file a Petition for Reinstatement within two years of either the original suspension date or a previously denied Petition for Reinstatement.  Prior to filing a Petition for Reinstatement, certain requirements, such as meeting CLE requirements and complying with terms of a Suspension Order, must be met.  In addition to meeting those requirements, an indefinitely suspended attorney must establish, at a hearing, that the attorney is repossessed of the good character and fitness which the attorney possessed upon admission to the practice of law.  Each case must then be approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio.


There are many things an attorney can do while suspended that will improve the chances of reinstatement.  Suspended attorneys can work as a law clerk provided certain conditions are met.  If you are facing a suspension or considering hiring an attorney under suspension, I can assist you with complying with all requirements to avoid further disciplinary issues and put you in the best possible positition when it comes time to initiate the reinstatement process.