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Disciplinary investigations are initiated against attorneys when any individual files a grievance with the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, a local bar association with a certified grievance committee, or the Ohio State Bar Association.  Unlike the burdens of proof in civil and/or criminal cases, disciplinary cases must be proved by clear and convincing evidence.  I have defended hundreds of grievances filed against attorneys.  My experience defending grievances allows my clients to focus on what they do best, represent their clients, knowing that I'm focused on defending the grievance.     


A large percent of my practice consists of representing attorneys in disciplinary cases, most of which result in dismissals.  Obviously, each case is different and must be decided on its own merits.  But in those cases in which a Rule violation has occurred, the presentation of the facts and applicable mitigating evidence is essential to getting the best possible result. 


If you're an attorney who has had a grievance filed against you, I strongly encourage you to contact experienced respondent's counsel prior to submitting a response to a letter of inquiry.