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The practice of law is fraught with difficulties, and management of a law office including the training and retention of good employees is not the least of these difficulties.  Good office management with solid structure, well written policies and procedures, and the development of a positive office culture can go a long way to:  1) help a firm provide the best service to its clients; 2) maximize profits; 3) reduce the risk of legal malpractice claims; and 4) reduce the risk of receiving disciplinary complaints.


If you are interested in reducing your risk and maximizing your firm's potential I can come meet with your firm management, partners, associates, and staff, and can conduct a risk management analysis in order to make recommendations for improvement.  This is done through interviews and presentations as well as a thorough review of existing policies and procedures, which, once evaluated, will be used to assemble a written report with recommendations which is provided to the firm for implementation.