Charles J. Kettlewell LLC

Attorney & Counselor at Law

445 Hutchinson Avenue, Suite 100

Columbus, Ohio 43235-8630

Phone:  614 436-2750

Fax:  614 436-2865



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A large percent of my practice consists of providing confidential fact-specific advisory opinions.  I have authored over a thousand private advisory opinions on a range of subjects including:

  •   Formation of Ancillary Businesses
  •   Advertising Compliance
  •   Co-Counselling with out of state firms
  •   "Of Counsel" relationships
  •   Fee Disputes
  •   Consultation on Motions to Disqualify
  •   Allegations of Conflicts of Interest
  •   Obtaining informed consent in conflict situations 
  •   Compliance with the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct
  •   Law Firm Breakups
  •   Sale of Law Practice
  •   Lateral Moves
  •   Withdrawing from Representation
  •   Attorney Client Privilege Issues
  •   Disposal of Unclaimed Client Files
  •   Subrogation Claims against funds held in attorney trust accounts
  •   OLAP and Mental Health Assistance
  •   Fee Contracts
  •   Recording Conversations
  •   Representation Adverse to a Former Client
  •   Legal Services Advertising and Marketing
  •   Confidentiality Issues
  •   Crime/Fraud Exceptions
  •   Client Misrepresentation/Duty to Court
  •   Duty to Report Another Lawyer's Conduct
  •   Representing a Client with Diminished Capacities
  •   Client Fraud
  •   Judicial Conduct and/or grounds for recusal